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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant  | Quantum Healing Medicine - Hollywood, CA

We all want to look and feel our best. Whether you are male or female, hair loss is traumatizing and embarrassing for many. While...

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Pain Management

Pain Management  | Quantum Healing Medicine - Hollywood, CA

Part of looking and feeling our best includes a regimen of regular physical activity and exercise. With individuals who suffer from chronic...

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss  | Quantum Healing Medicine - Hollywood, CA,CA

You will never lose weight and keep it off with a diet. You probably already know this, having tried several times. There are lots of ways to lose...

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Welcome To Quantum Healing Medicine

Our name, Quantum Healing Medicine, derives from the fact that quantum physics has a great deal to do with our overall health and how long we live. Did you know that a few simple changes to your lifestyle can allow you to live up to twenty years longer?

Traditional medicine seems to continuously stay twenty years behind medical research and evidence. Quantum Healing Medicine, serving the Hollywood, CA area is changing that, utilizing new technology and proven research to heal the body, eliminate pain, and restore youthful appearances to its clients.

Energy medicine, a nonconventional medical practice not recognized by traditional medicine, yet proven through research, is based on creating the correct energy balance in your body to promote health and healing. Regaining and maintaining the energy balance in your body can stop disease from happening, can promote youthful appearance, and can help you live longer.

It would require a few seminars and complicated medical papers to explain to you how everything works. Dr. Fred Garcia, M.D., PhD., however, is always more than happy to share this information with his patients, so please ask if you are interested. Dr. Garcia has been seen on programs such as 20/20 and ABC News, as well as being featured numerous times in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and the LA Times.

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